MYTH: Sexless couples are likely to be older.

FACT: This is just a stereotype that all young couples have sex all the time. Contrary to the popular belief many people are much better in bed when they get older. Becoming more comfortable with your sexuality, your body, and accepting yourself in general, is the key.

MYTH: Sexual compatibility between the couple is either there or it is not.

FACT: Sexual compatibility is the ability to adapt to differences in each other�s sexual preferences. This becomes particularly important when sexual boredom sets in, and one of you proposes something new.

MYTH: I can't get AIDS!

FACT: Some groups are at higher risk than others are, but anyone can get AIDS and you can't tell by looking or listening if someone is infected. The only way to be sure is through testing and monogamy.

MYTH: You can't get pregnant during your period.

FACT: Particularly towards the end of your menstrual cycle, there's a chance that you can get pregnant during a period. Unprotected sex also increases the risk infection by sexually transmitted infections.

MYTH: No one gets HIV from vaginal intercourse.

FACT: Although infection with other STDs increases, the risk that HIV will be transmitted during any act of intercourse is by no means necessary for HIV to be passed on. However, when used appropriately, both male and female condoms are extremely effective in preventing the spread of HIV by vaginal intercourse.

MYTH: It only takes a course of antibiotics to cope with sexually transmitted diseases and you�ll be fine, anyway!

FACT: It is quite true that most sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be completely cured if they are caught at an early stage and that the treatment may be as simple as a course of antibiotics.

MYTH: Condoms protect you against all sexually transmitted diseases.

FACT: Condoms are important in preventing the transmission of HIV. Using a condom correctly for oral, anal and vaginal sex is a good protection against infections such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea.


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